App Introduction
and Personality

Zonofi is a payment based rewards app. Retailers can complete multiple invoice payments at once to a distributor. Intern they can win cash rewards, trips and appliances. This gamified app tries to keeps the users engaged in their app.

I have designed these friendly, modern, relatable, illustrations. I have picked uncommon colors combination of red for energy and blue for technology which generated an unique personality to the app. To keep the strain less on user's eyes we kept it in dark theme, which helped the colors highlight more. The font is circular std. used to keep the app more friendly and youth like vibe.


Logo, UI Design, Illustrations





Tools Used



Company Operating


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To the point

The signup and signin process is quite simple. Just with a phone number and OTP, users can login to the app. Once the user lands on the dashboard straignt away he will be able to see the tasks he has to perform in a clean and vibrant cards.

Payments and rewards

In vendors page users will able to see their vendors and their invoices. They can add a new vendor or complete the payments for them. Once payments are complete rewards are presented to redeem.


To keep the user engaged I have designed a daily spinner where they can win z-coins, which can be later used in payments or to redeem different rewards.


My Experience

I have worked in a variety of businesses over the last ten years, therefore I can fit in practically any industry. For your convenience, the industries and products are listed below.

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