Hello I am Tharun

Product Designer & Design Generalist based in Vancouver, Canada

Thanks for visiting my portfolio.

With a decade of experience in product design, I specialize in crafting elegant, user-friendly web and mobile applications. I have worked with MNCs, Startups to design their B2B & B2C apps.

Checkout my work below, Cheers.


Lenskart iConnect

B2B, Cut checkout time from 30Min to 3Min


B2B, AI Based Meeting Web app

Payswiff Set

B2B, Sass - Company acquired after this app launch.

Zonofi Rewards

B2B, Rewards app for distributers and retailers


B2C, Grocery delivery app

Find a Roomate

B2C, Concept. An app for new bachelors in the city.

Go Dynamic

Consultancy Website